I have completed a wide variety of sculpture commissions for individuals, and would love to hear about your ideas for a unique piece. If you have a favorite animal figure you would like to grace your home, or to give as a gift, I would be very happy to discuss your idea. Pricing depends on type and size of wood or stone; paper animal art depends on size. Please email me for further discussion.

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Prices of existing sculptures: other art on site has been sold, but can be commissioned.

Stone sculptures:

bird in green soapstone - 1200

Canadian black soapstone - Inuit kayaker Hunting Narwhal  - 3800

Canadian marbled soapstone - Inuit Hunter with Seal - 6800


Wood sculptures:

Platypus - 500

Cheetah and Gazelle - painted tupelo - 3400

Five Koi Swimming in rare 130+ y.o Japanese Katsura tree burl - 2200

Polar bear and cub on ice - tupelo- 700

Congress of Ravens - locust - 800

Girl with bird - Alaskan yellow cedar 2300


Paper large animal sculptures:

South American Wildcat: Margay - 2200

Semipalmated plover - 300

Nuthatch - 300

Whimbrel  -540

Rainbow trout - 1200

Largemouth bass - 1800

Saw whet owl - 850


Paper Animal Art/Butterflies/Dragonflies/Turtles (other)

various prices starting at 24 - 100


Oil paintings: 150 each

raven, wood duck, green heron, great blue heron

Wildlife Photographs: 25 (mat or frame not included in price)


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commissions welcomed