Sculptures in Stone
I find myself drawn to the enduring age-old quality of stone. It is both a pleasure to complete a work in stone, but also an exhaustive, challenging process. I work primarily in alabaster and soap stones. The level of detail can be very rewarding.   
an exhibit at USFW
exhibiting at the USFW in Hadley, MA
Sisters Greeting
pink alabaster - bears greeting one another after hibernation with cub
Sisters Greeting - alabaster
pink alabaster - 12 L x 8 W 7 D. shown here at Lovell Hall Interiors, Portland ME
Galapagos Booby bird with chick
green soap stone. a tribute to the birds of my 1980 visit to the Galapagos Islands
Cat grooming on wall
white alabaster
Inuit kayker hunting narwhal
black/green Canadian soapstone. Narwhal tusk, paddle and spear are made of whale bone
Inuit kayker - long view
Sleeping bull walrus
green soapstone, bull walrus with deer antler tusks
Inuit Hunter with Seal
green/brown Canadian soapstone. Inuit hunter is struggling to carry seal because his line snapped
Inuit hunter w/seal
Inuit hunter's face
hunter's spear is made of whale bone
Melting ice - marble
polar bear cubs struggle to hold on to mother as she slips off ice sheet
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