Commission a unique, life-like animal sculpture,  individually created in various plant paper

In addition to carving, I experiment with the "additive process" by making a mixture of ground up "rice/plant" papers and wood glue to form the body of the animal sculpture. Then, I cut individual feathers (for the birds) from different weight rice papers and apply them to the body, wings and  tail. All are painted in acrylics. Each sculptural work of art is life size. In my research of different animals, my ultimate goal is to capture the animal's realism. 

Raven cawing
All birds are individually "feathered" with cuts of rice paper and painted in acrylics, all are mounted of a found base
Carolina Wren
luna moth 1
working in paper
starting a bird with my feathering art technique
Saw whet Owl
life size little owl in NE
Blue Morpho butterfly
my butterfly and moth art are made from the same rice papers, with silk threads for veins and set on a small mount; or with a small eye screw for hanging
Hairy Woodpecker
hairy with grub from bark
Large mouth bass catching minnow
life size. like the ones I catch
Belted kingfisher
only the female has the brown belt
display of butterfly grouping
different species of butterflies and moths made in rice papers
Ruby throat Hummingbird and Hibiscus
the hummingbird is suspended by a wire going into the hibiscus flower, also made of rice papers
Rainbow Trout
fish skin is several layers of smoothed glued papers; painted with acrylics and mounted on bases
Detail face of Saw Whet Owl
Ruffed Grouse Beating
ruffed grouse beat their wings to make a drumming sound, often heard in wood and fields
White Breasted Nuthatch
white breasted nuthatch scouring branch for food
"Martha", last Passenger Pigeon
eliminated by humans. Martha lived at the Cincinnati Zoo before expiring her species
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