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South American feline: the Margay

This is the life size endangered feline, known as the Margay. It is similar to the Ocelot, but smaller and a nocturnal hunter spending most of its life in trees. This sculpture is made entirely of recycled paper and painted with acrylics. This is a durable unique sculpture which will initiate conversation in any indoor setting.


Australian Fires: Koala's Plight

This ironwood tree burl reminded me of a koala hanging on to a branch. My theme was to represent the plight of the koalas and other animals that died tragically in the devastating wildfires that swept across Australia; and the heroic folk that rescued cared for and released these wonderful sentient beings. I have charred the branch and part of the mother koala to indicated the hell they must have gone through. trying to escape the burning trees.

koala 1.jpg
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